Ripple on!

IMG_3620Imagine a lake. This lake represents yourself. The shore represents the present moment you are in. Your intention, the things you hold dear and align your choices and values with, is represented by a stone being dropped in the lake of yourself. The funny thing about ripples on the water of your soul, they take some time to meet the shore of your being. There are many, cascading out, from the center of the lake, in concentric rings, slowly making their way to the edge. For this reason, everything you choose to think, to say, and to do, impacts who you will become. The power of intention is so strong. Aligning with your strongest self, envisioning who you see yourself being at your best. Surrounding yourself with people, environments, and most simply even thoughts supporting this intention will bring you ripple upon ripple of shore slapping beauty.

You can see it if you take a moment to look over the horizon of your current self. Notice the scenery. Did it look the same a few months or even years ago? Your every cell, in each moment is either being created or destroyed. The ecosystem of the self is continuously changing and transforming. Your thoughts and actions support the creation, maintenance, or destruction of something new in the mind and body and ultimately in your life. You may be somewhat the same, but often when you take a deep look you’ll see the differences all around you. Who you spend your time with. What activities you engage in. Who you have grown apart from. Even the clothes you choose to wear, your job, your home. These may be different. These are the ripples lapping the shore. Some may have taken a long time to arrive, but setting them in motion by imagining the possibility and then creating a supportive reality around this vision are the stones dropping into the lake creating these ripples of realization.

If your shore is not one you feel to be a beautiful place to arrive at, take a moment to ask yourself what stones you have been dropping in the lake. How have you been thinking? What are you using your inner voice to say to yourself or about your experiences? Who are you spending time with? What kind of new stones can you drop into the waters of your soul and create an amazing ripple? If you knew you could create the shore of your best self, what would that look like. Make time every day to check in with your ripple and create more and more ripples. The chance to be who we are meant to be deep within the desire of our best self is an eternal ongoing process. The water is rarely perfectly still for long. What do you want to have ripple upon your shore?

Peace? Strength? Love? Community? Joy? Calm? Gratitude? Prosperity?

Share your intention and how you will let it ripple to your shore in the comments section. Go forth and ripple on!


Ripple On!

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