Blossoming into Spring

The last few months have been a bit of a whirlwind. It is amazing what happens when you set your intentions, plant the seeds for your vision of fruition, and move in the direction of what life can grow in you. The results can be quite amazing. I spent the month of February in a beautifully remote part of northern Nicaragua assisting at GLO, a holistic nutrition retreat center, and then the first week of March at C.A.M.P. in a co-created space in Costa Rica learning, growing, moving, playing and generally allowing the world to open to me in ways I am only beginning to understand. As I share this newfound energy of nature and trible connection with my students, friends, family, and as I step into the next phase of my empowerment as a human and a wellness coach, I feel the strength of my abilities and the desire to help grow such empowerment in others more every day. Follow it all up with the wedding of two lovely humans who I consider family, and a weekend retreat in the Pocono’s, I am ever more ready to take on the challenges before me, enjoy the great joys awaiting me, and inspire you to do the same. So, how can you cultivate a sense of direction in this most fertile time of year? Here are a few ideas and scroll to the bottom to see some of the captured moments from my travels and experiences in the last two months.

How to plant the seeds of intention this time of year:

  • Spend some time every day listening to your breath and feeling the sensations of your body. You can do a formal meditation practice and there are so many great ways to connect to this, whether through shamata, martini, tonglen, chanting, or just quieting down and noticing the benefits of doing nothing in a world that is always moving so very fast.
  •  Try one new recipe or food this season, connect tot flavors and combinations that bring out the natural world on the plate. Many food sensitivities come from not having enough variety on our plate. Mix it up, eat more plants, and see if you creative juices start flowing or your energy levels open to the inspiration available. Cooking for my clients has been so rewarding and nourishing for everyone. Some have even expressed such surprise at how delicious and filling plant based food can be!
  • Begin, continue, or maintain a journaling habit. You can do this in many ways. Jotting down your thoughts first thing in the morning, listing things you are grateful for, checking in with your BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals), or simply telling the story of what the best day/week/month/year would look like and then letting it go.
  • Talk with a friend about some plans you want to make immediately even if they happen in a few days/weeks/months and create the incentive to get excited for an adventure.Learn a new skill that may help you with a bigger goal that will take some time to achieve. For example, I am amping up my offerings of retreats and plan on doing more in central america and  I am working on learning Spanish so I can get the most out of my time there.

Stay tuned for next weeks blog where I share some of the resources we have compiled from our last retreat. Tons of good ideas and interesting tidbits for you.



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